A downloadable game

FRGR - A Sinclair ZX Spectrum Basic Frogger Clone
Made for Facebook Frogger with Sinclair Basic Challenge
2021 - ref https://arda.kisafilm.org   https://ref.itch.io/ 

Made using BasinC IDE 1.72 - https://github.com/ref-xx

Source code included. 

Use FRGR-GAME.tap to play game.

press ENTER to start game.
Use QAOP to mode the frog.

CHEAT MODE: Start with keys 1..9 to slow down cars. 1 is faster, 9 is slower. 

Known bug: 
sometimes frogs in nests disappear. You can still finish the level as you need 5 frogs nested and the game keeps frog count correctly. It's possibly a compilation issue as the bug won't appear in interpreted bas version. 


FRGR_ZX_by_Ref2021.zip 14 kB
frgr_bas_source.bas 9 kB


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buen juego

Great version! Would it be possible for you to make an alternative version without the border graphics? Would love a clean version with only black borders.

You can do it yourself! it's a basic program. Load the game in 48K mode. Just press Break Key (Shift+Space Bar or esc depending on the emulator), type CLS (v key) and press enter, while screen is cleared, type GOTO 41 (g 41) and press enter again.  The game will never re-draw the bezel.

Great! Thanks

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Oh wow, I absolutely LOVE this. The Speccy doesn't have a really decent Frogger and this is pretty much already the #1. Using character-square graphics to get the screen dimenions right is a genius idea and it really looks and feels like the arcade.

I very much hope you can track down the bug as it's annoying having to remember where you've landed frogs, but this is just a great piece of work beautifully presented.

(Only thing I don't like is four lives. What arcade game ever started with four lives?)

Made some box art for it :)

lol it looks fantastic :D Great work! 
Btw, four lives issue, it's a bug actually :D I didn't realized until it was too late and I was too lazy to fix it. :) Thank you for your interest!